Meet Emmanuel from Malawi

There is so much I do during my free time, but the bottom line is, I enjoy. It is time I unleash the crazy, explorative and creative me. When I am done with my classes and have no assignments or any commitments and obligations of that sort, I dive into my hobbies and sometimes just enjoy some leisure.

However, it is not always the case that I am done with such commitments, so I do make a deliberate choice to put some on hold in order to still secure some free time. Such activities as napping, hanging out with friends, taking a walk, watching movies and investing in myself without even spending a penny, characterize the same. Allow me to highlight a few of these, especially the last one.

“You see, we live in a world where many seek to be heard at the expense of others. I choose to differ.”

Emmanuel Banda
Student Climber, Malawi

In the first place, I usually go out into the woods for some alone time to enjoy the sight and feel of the thrilling nature within my school. Spending time amongst trees, sitting and lying down on big stones gazing at the blue sky as well as watching some baboons, randomly playing around is very rejuvenating. It clears my mind, after having a series of assignments and lectures.

Furthermore, I get to have a chance to think; whereby, I indulge in a more active and purposeful thinking apart from reflection. I have always found it rewarding. The stillness, decorated with the chirping sounds of birds is so magical and gives an auspicious environment for the activity. I realized we can do more with the brain and graduate from simply thinking to react, to a more proactive thinking. In addition to this, I engage in different conversations, having trees as my audience. I know it sounds crazy but, trust you me, it is good for great public speaking.

Sometimes, I resort to interacting with great people: those that inspire as well as challenge me. I enjoy sharing in their lives and fellowship with their experiences by interacting with their books, teachings, video presentations and even movies. In a way, I gain not only their ideas but also their experiences. After all, we have secondhand smoking, why not experience; where I do not have to make the same mistakes others did or go through what they did but still be as prudent.

To add up, I do spend some of my free time listening to others- just being there for someone. This is not hearing to respond or listening to learn, no. You see, we live in a world where many seek to be heard at the expense of others. I choose to differ. I realized many are going through issues which are resolvable by simply sharing. It takes discipline, though, to be able to override the ego and just listen.

Let me conclude by saying, having free time is a deliberate choice one has to make. Otherwise, life rarely offers such and making it goes along with opportunity costs. Nevertheless, when purposefully utilized and well harnessed to productive activities, it becomes more profiting. Of course, this includes resting and having fun.

Thanks to different sermons, interacting with Kwera community and attending various seminars, I maximize on my free time. Anyone can do more with theirs; do that which you love. Just do not do too much of one thing, it becomes boring. Instead, take it as a time to explore and discover more of yourself as well as exploit your hobbies and work on refining your talents.