Meet Felix from Malawi

It was on the 24th September 2017 when I first set my feet at the premises of the Malawi University of Science and Technology, a place that would be my home for the next four years for my Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Energy Systems.

On this particular day it was a Sunday afternoon, I was very excited and at the same time so nervous. For a second I felt lost, the campus was bigger than I imagined and going through a lot of processes to register for that semester.

“On this particular day it was a Sunday afternoon, I was very excited and at the same time so nervous.”

Felix Kamanga
Student Climber, Malawi

They say first impression matters, which is true because most of the things I saw on the first day of college affected the rest of my academic year in my freshman. On the very first day I met several people some of which I still talk to up to today and some I don’t since our first encounter.

When I first saw our dormitory rooms, they were not what I expected especially when the other students used to paint a picture of what our dormitories looked like.

The dormitories were far from my imagination. And only to be told that we will be eight of us sharing the room. To make matters worse the dormitories were still under maintenance and one could smell the painted walls.

Despite all that, all the eight roommates ended up being my close friends who have made my stay at the university great.

Getting to know people is one of my weaknesses, on the first day of college I met a lot of unfamiliar faces of which I found it hard to initiate a conversation, so either they had to greet me first or we would just pass each other.

The most remarkable thing I was exposed to on the very first day of college was the new environment miles away from home. It was on this day, 24th September 2017, that I met new people, made new friends. This day I made the first step forward building my career and one step closer to realizing my dreams.