The Solution

We finance higher education for students enrolled at local universities and develop their employability and entrepreneurship skills.

According to the World Bank, the private financial return for university-educated people is the highest in the entire educational system.

On average, the private financial return for higher education is 17% as compared to 10% for primary education and only 7% for secondary education. Sub-Saharan Africa has the best average return for higher education at 22%. We estimate it is even higher in Malawi.

Higher education benefits not just the individual financially, but the entire educational system and the communities. The social return is significant.

Our solution is unique. We provide fees support together with a tailored skills-development programme, ultimately maximising our so-called Student Climbers chances of becoming skilled and educated individuals who will transform lives in their communities.

Income Share Agreement
We pay tuition for our Student Climbers studying at local universities. They all graduate debt free, and only pay a percentage of their salary once they have graduated and secured employment. Returns are re-invested in new Student Climbers, creating a sustainable and exponential model.

Kwera Skills Programme
Simultaneously with our Student Climbers' university studies, we develop their employability and entrepreneurship skills through a four-year programme taking into account both the local and international context.

Kwera Community
Through the Kwera Community, we provide our Student Climbers with social capital, assist with internship placement and job search, and create a lifelong network that goes beyond their time at university.

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Highly educated and skilled individuals are more employable, earn higher wages, are more environmentally conscious, have reduced family size, get healthier children and have a higher level of civic participation. All of this is fundamental for achieving strong, just and prosperous communities.

“One Life Foundation is proud to support Kwera with funding, network and strategy on how to build and scale. Kwera’s model is an excellent example of how to provide sustainable and valuable aid for under-privileged young people”

Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack
One Life Foundation